copper pan reviewsCooking is one of the many ways people love to express themselves. This expression comes in many forms, and a major part of it is what you cook with. Whether you are cooking eggs or something more intricate, it is important to have the right cookware to achieve the result you are after.

Cookware comes in many types of materials. These materials differ in many ways, and some are better for certain things than others. Two of the best materials that you can find are cast iron and copper. In this review, we are talking about the best copper pans and why they are not only aesthetically pleasing but it also the cream of the crop in terms of cookware. We know what we like and use in our kitchen, nut at the end of the day, the best copper pan is going to be the one that suits your particular needs.

Brand & ModelWeightInchesOur RatingPrice
Mauviel M'Heritage 12" 6.2 lbs.12"
Mauviel M'Heritage 10" 7 lbs.10.2"
Copper Chef Round Pan2.6 lbs.10"

Why Go with Copper?

Along with cast iron, copper is one of the best types of cookware that you can find. With copper cookware, you can fine-tune the temperature that you are using to cook. The heat does not retain for as long as a cast iron one would, and that can be ideal at times.

Not only does it adapt more quickly to temperatures, but it can also distribute heat to the entire pan evenly. Sticking is much less common with copper cookware, and they are super energy efficient. It is a no-brainer once you try them out, and you will not regret giving them a chance.

Copper Cookware Qualities


copper pan thicknessRegardless of what kind of material the cookware is made from, thickness is important. In most cases, the thicker, the better. Thinner pans will cause your cooking to be less than best, and you should be careful to get a pan with a sufficient thickness. Also, with a thinner copper pan, you loose some of the heat control that make copper such a great cooking material. It’s not going to be very noticeable, but you will lose a touch of performance in the long run.

The ideal thickness for the best copper pans on the market are around 2.5 mm. Avoid any cookware that has a rolled edge, as this means it is way too thin. It is better to use these just to boil water or for decoration.


hammered copper panThere are two looks that copper cookware is available in: smooth & hammered. Smooth and hammered finishes have their own aesthetic, and your decision will be based on your preference.


A smooth finish is much more widespread than a hammered finish. With a modern, sleek look, smooth copper will add class to your kitchen.


The hammered finish used to be indicative of being crafted by hand. Nowadays, however, machines make both kinds. You will get more of French country, rustic feel with hammered finish.


Even though some copper cookware is made bare, there are reasons to pick something with lining. The exposed coating can be dangerous to your health and can be very expensive. Reactiveness is also an issue with bare copper.

Tin and stainless are both used to line copper cookware. They each have their particular qualities, and neither have any effect on the effectiveness of copper cookware.


Being naturally nonstick, tin has been used as lining for a long time. One thing to take note of is that tin will wear over time, so will have to get it fixed up every decade or so, depending on usage.


Unlike tin, the stainless lining will not tarnish over time. However, it does not have the same nonstick quality as tin. Stainless takes a long time for wear and tear and is easy to maintain.

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 12-Inch Frying Pan with Bronze Handle

best copper pansThis copper frying pan is heat resistant and would be a terrific addition to your kitchen. With a flat bottom and shallow, sloped sides, the pan stands up to high temperatures with ease. It has a bronze handle, making it more durable and attractive.

The stainless-steel interior allows it to handle heavy usage without a problem. Not only does it look great in the kitchen, but it also works very well in the kitchen. The only thing you may have an issue with is the handle, but you can buy a silicone sleeve to make the heat less intense for your hand. The best copper pan is an attractive and easy to use addition to your kitchen.


  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Handle can get hot

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 10.5-Inch Round Frying Pan, Cast Iron Handle

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper 10.5-Inch Round Frying PanWith a cast iron handle, this pan is on the heavier side. However, that can be a good thing when it comes to cooking. The 2.5mm thickness of this pan is the perfect spot. Searing steaks and reaching medium rare has never been easier.

Totally worth the splurge, this pan will help you to create excellent meals each time. You will notice a huge difference in your food. Instantly cooling after being taken off the heat, you can control temperatures wonderfully.

Both new and experienced cooks will benefit from using this pan. Even if you have a less than great stove, this pan will be able to distribute the heat entirely. Washing it by hand with dish soap is all the care you to need to provide. The best copper pan has long lasting quality like this one.


  • High quality
  • Heavy
  • Long lasting
  • High reactivity


  • Hot handle
  • Plasticy varnish on handle
  • Quality control
  • Heavy

Copper Chef 10″ Round Pan with Lid

Copper Chef 10" Round Pan with Lid 2 PackLidded and dishwasher safe, you get a well-rounded product with Copper Chef. While the handle may be cheap looking, it is still a great pan to add to your kitchen. Easy cleanup is one of the best things about this pan.

Sticking will be the least of your worries with it because of the stainless-steel coating. You will be able to flip eggs and pancakes more easily than you ever thought was possible. This two pack includes lids that help to retain heat, and they do their job perfectly. This copper pan is a versatile and handy tool in the kitchen.


  • Comes with glass lid
  • Easy cleanup
  • Dishwasher safe up to 850 degrees


  • Scratches easily

Overall, whichever pan you choose, you will be getting an excellent product. The best copper pan is the pan that speaks to you the most. Depending on what your needs and habits are, you may need one that is dishwasher safe or more lightweight. As long as you know what to look for, you are well on your way to finding the best copper pan for you.

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