Create a Modern Kitchen with Midcentury Design

We all know that kitchens are the place where you spend a lot of time cooking but also where we spend time gathering with loved ones, both family, and friends.
While you could opt for many of the various kitchen designs, there is an increasing trend towards the classic mid-century aesthetic design. This popular choice and combines modernity with functionality – just what you would want from a kitchen that is timeless and works in today’s world.

If you are looking to have a mid-century kitchen design, you need to start off by focusing on the detailing of the kitchen – everything from the wall color to the flooring makes a difference.
We will look at some of the top design factors that can help you make the ideal modern kitchen with a mid-century design.

How Do You Create a Modern Kitchen with Mid-century Design Aesthetic?

Do research online to see which components of this style era that you like, and what you want to avoid. There is a vast range of ideas that will come up when you do a search, so you may want to narrow it down to specific years. Consider the big picture as well, such as will it blend with the rest of your house? Ensure that if you can see this room from other rooms, you have a flow in mind. If your dining room is French provincial, how will you transition between two very distinctive looks? It can work, but you should be mindful of this when coming up with the look that you are going for.

1. Wall Design

The walls should be done in a solid color that is preferably a neutral tone. Bright colors may be used of course, but they should common to that era, perhaps an olive green or turquoise blue. No muted tones here. Tile can be used on walls or as feature points as well and may feature a graphic design or shape. Nothing intricate, the lines are clean and usually one color.

2. Flooring

Laminate flooring options can give your kitchen floor a gorgeous look and feel that will not break the bank as other wood choices may do.
It looks great and will last a long time, and provides a look that will carry over for both time and design longevity. For example, if you modify your design aesthetic, a wood laminate will work with just about any type of look.

3. Cabinet Design

Solid wood with minimal additional design factors works best to translate from one era to the next. You may want to redesign your kitchen cabinets to get that mid-century design feel by refinishing the existing ones with a coat of paint or refinishing the wood surface. Choose flat faced cupboard doors with minimal designs and hardware. You can also omit hardware altogether if you find a design of cabinet to accommodate that. Consider your choices for streamlined looks that include pantry systems, and soft close drawers – that combine both form and function. You could have pullout bin organizers too, which will provide you with easier cooking and entertaining options.
Open shelving in corners provides a display area for knick-knacks or crockery from this era to give you a fun way to give the nod to the era of inspiration for your design. A small piece of pottery or vase will work, and adding additional touches like Fiesta Ware is one brand that comes to mind.

4. Lighting

Pendants with opaque white glass and sputnik style chandeliers are an excellent choice in lighting for your midcentury kitchen design. If you are doing a new install, opt to have a dimmer switch in your outlets and choose a light that works with that type of light. If you opt for something like the sputnik design, a simpler pendant would be good for over sinks or bar areas, since you would not want to install two strong design elements that could be too much.

You can do a lot with your kitchen and make it mid-century ready. However, it is important not to make choices that make you feel like you are on a movie set. You do not have to have every design element incorporated into this one room. You can pick and choose what components you like and want to make your own. You want to have a solid blend of midcentury authentic, with midcentury modern.

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