Everyone knows that cupcakes are delicious and in recent years the cupcake trend has absolutely exploded. There are cupcake shops everywhere and every food network is featuring cupcake competitions and baking tips. Since they have become so popular, a number of at home cupcake makers have hit the market. These cupcake bakers make it easy to prepare fresh hot cupcakes from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to go to the store to satisfy your craving and it also allows you to express your creativity in the kitchen. And because they are so simple to make, it’s also a great way to get the whole family involved.

If you are short on time and want our top pick, go with the Babycakes CC2828. It takes the spot for our number one choice for its ease of use, included extras and all around looks and durability. It’s definitely the best cupcake maker for your money in 2017.

Read on to our reviews to learn more about the best cupcake makers on the market today.

2017’s Best Cupcake Makers Ranked

Brand & ModelWeight# of DonutsOur RatingPrice
Babycakes CC-2828PK8 lbs.6
Holstein Housewares HF-09013Er4 lbs.6
Babycakes CC-122 lbs.12
Nostalgia Electrics CKM1006 lbs.7
Babycakes AM1124 lbs.6

What to Look For When Purchasing a Cupcake Maker

There are just a few things you want to be aware of when shopping for your first mini cupcake maker. While these are not complicated machines (in fact, the entire appeal is based on just how simple they are), the batter makers on the market are going to have a few features that you’ll want to make note of.

Non-Stick Baking Surface

Most cupcake makers will have this by default, although we have seen some without it. You’re going to want to make sure the one you buy does as it helps speed up the clean up process and also helps the cupcakes and treats not tear as they are coming out of the machine. The last thing you want is to have half a cupcake left sitting in the baking tray!

Indicator Lights

One of the great features of all the cupcake machines on this list are the presence of indicator lights which take the guesswork out of the baking. A good maker will have a light to tell you when the machine is warming, ready to bake and done baking.

Safety Features

While these units are fun for the whole family, they do get quite hot so you’ll want to make sure the one you choose has some features in place to reduce risk of burn. These are things like easy snap handles to keep the units closed, rubber feet so the baker doesn’t slide around on the countertop, and a place to wrap the cord when putting it away for storage.

Babycakes CC-2828PK Cupcake Maker

What are the best cupcakes makers in 2017?The original Babycakes mini cupcake maker brings all the smells and joy of your local bakeshop right into your own kitchen. This maker produces 8 perfect cupcakes in about 5-8 minutes depending on the recipe you use. The nonstick coating makes removing the cupcakes extremely easy helps make cleaning up the baker hassle free. This also means that you can bake with or without paper baking cups depending on how you plan to decorate and serve them.

This particular cupcake machine is multi-talented and the cooking reservoirs are capable of making not just cupcakes but pies, tarts, and various appetizers as well. This machine comes with everything you need to bake and decorate as well making it a totally complete kit. With it you receive an icing bag, stainless-steel decorating tips, and plastic crust cutting and forming tools. The booklet that’s included has easy to follow directions and a ton of great recipes making sure that you get the most your of your purchase. When it comes to the nitty-gritty details, the maker has 1400 watts of cooking power, ready and power lights, a cord wrap from easy storage and a nice tight latching handle to keep your cupcakes secure and cooking evenly.


  • Decorating tools included
  • Bonus recipe booklet
  • Easy cord wrap
  • Status Indicator Lights


  • Paper liners must be purchased from this company
  • Cooking edges can get very hot

Holstein Housewares HF-09013E Fun Cupcake Maker

Holstein Housewares HF-09013E Fun Cupcake Maker - Teal

The Holstein Housewares cupcake maker is one of our favorites based on its simplicity. In less than 3 minutes and in 3 easy to follow steps, you can bake 6 delicious cupcakes that are sure to please everyone. Simply find your favorite batter recipe, make it and pour it in, let them bake for a few minutes and enjoy. The real benefit of the mini cupcake maker is how much time it saves over traditional baking in the oven. You don’t have to wait for the over to warm up, use a ton of pans or worry about a messy clean up. This baker is entirely self contained and so easy to clean with just a paper towel thanks to the non-stick surface. The Holstein’s unique design allows for the baking tray to stay evenly heated making sure that no part of the cupcake is burned or undercooked and the status lights let you know exactly when to put them in and pull them out. We also love the rubber feet so there is no slipping around the countertop!


  • 6 great cupcakes in minutes
  • Non-stick surface makes clean up easy
  • Rubber feet ensure the machine doesn’t move around.
  • Save space with the upright storage feature


  • Latch can be a little hard to close
  • No cord wrapper

Babycakes CC-12 Full Size Cupcake Maker

Babycakes CC-12 Full Size Cupcake Maker, PinkWhere the Babycakes full size cupcake maker really shines is in its ability to produce a full dozen cupcakes in just a few minutes. Think about how long it would take you to bake a dozen cupcakes in the oven. Then, imagine cutting that cooking and cleaning time down to a few minutes. Well, with the babycakes this dream is now a reality. Like many of the makers on this review list, the non-stick surface saves the day by making taking out the cupcakes easy and cutting the clean up time down to a few seconds. With the Babycakes CC-12, you don’t need to heat up the whole house by running the oven for an hour or more. These cupcakes are great for taking to kids parties or a potluck with friends. With this maker, we like to use a pancake pen for precision filing and find that it makes the best results. This unit is very versatile and can your own batter or cut down on time and just use a box mix.


  • Bakes a full dozen cupcakes
  • Take standard size paper cupcake wrappers
  • Fast and easy cleanup
  • Latching lid
  • Power and ready lights


  • No rubber no-slide feet
  • Does not come with additional pastry cutters or decorating tools

Nostalgia Electrics CKM100 Electric Cupcake Maker

Nostalgia Electrics CKM100 Electric Cupcake MakerThe Nostalgia Electrics unit is a uniquely colored countertop mini cupcake maker that will bake up to 7 great tasting cupcakes in 5 minutes or less. Just watch for the ready light to let you know when it’s good to do, pour in your homemade of box batter into the molds, and let the cupcake machine do the rest of the work for you. No more slaving over large trays of batter and the heat of a conventional oven. This really is a no-stress solution to making great cupcake on demand at home. Because this unit features some unique colors and it built to last, it makes a great gift for the baker in your life or a relative that loves to cook. Heck, it even makes a great gift to give to yourself!

This cupcake maker is a also great option for someone that may have some sort of dietary allergy and wants to make sure the treats they are making comply with their diet. Many times it’s difficult to find pastries that are gluten or dairy free but this solves that problem and is easier than going to the store as well.


  • Makes 7 awesome cupcakes at a time
  • Indicator lights
  • Fast 5 minute cooking time
  • Non-stick coating


  • Unit can become vey hot so exercise caution
  • No cord wrap or space saver features

Babycakes Best Cupcake Maker

Babycakes Cupcake Maker (Purple)This stunning purple cupcake maker not only makes a statement in the kitchen, but also comes with a few extras as well making this a stand out on the list. Included with this maker is a recipe booklet that outlines some delicious cupcake recipes to get you baking unique and delicious cupcakes right away, a lifting fork for removing the cupcakes from the non-stick baking plate even easier than before and a set of paper baking cups which adds even more value to this already stellar unit.

This cupcake machine is just the thing for after school snacks and treats, and we have gotten in the habit of bringing it to parties and seeing who can decorate the best mini cupcake. One of the great things about all of the makers on the list is because the batches bake so fast, it lets you experiment and express your creativity in the kitchen without having to worry about wasting a big batch that took an hour to make. It’s very simple to use and the safety lock latch guarantees that no one will be at risk of touching the hot cooking surface while cooking.


  • Extras like recipe books and tools included
  • Non-stick coating
  • 6 cupcakes in 5-8 minutes
  • Lightweight unit makes it very portable and easy to store


  • No cord wrapper
  • Unit can get very hot
  • Does not include paper cupcake wrappers

No matter which mini cupcake maker you decide to buy, these make a great addition to the kitchen. They are convenient, fun, and a huge time saver making this purchase a real no brainer. While they each have their own sets of pros and cons, any of the machines on this list will have you baking and decorating your own amazing cupcakes for a long time to come.

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