How To De-Scale Your Jura Coffee Machine

de-scaling the jura coffee machineThe Jura Coffee Maker is a true coffee lovers dream. As we covered in our complete guide to the Jura Coffee Machine, there is very little you need to do in terms of maintenance to keep it humming. Basically, every few months you need to run it through a cleaning cycle and a de-scaling cycle. Keep in ming that these are not the same things. The cleaning cycle will clean the entire unit with hot water and a cleaning tablet, while the de-scaling cycle uses de-scaling tablets designed to specifically remove limescale build up in the machine.

How often you need to do this will vary with how often you use it, wether or not your Jura model has a filter, and the mineral content of your water. Jura recommends running the descaling cycle every other filter change. Since they reccomend you change your filter every two months, this comes out to running the de-scaling cycle every four months. If your model does not have the filter, every 3 months is a safe bet.

Why Bother De-Scaling Your Jura Coffee Machine in the First Place?

While the Jura is very good at making great coffee consistently, it does need a little help on your part to make sure it continues to taste as good as it possibly can. Obviously, to make any coffee drink you need water. Well, as you continuously run water through your Jura during every operation, limescale and other minerals contained within the water begins to accumulate on the heating elements. A little build up isn’t a big deal, but over time this accumulation of minerals will start to affect the flavor of your coffee. Luckily for us, Jura sells these convenient de-scaling tablets that make this process quick and easy.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Purchase the Jura de-scaling tablets online or in store if you don’t already own them.
  2. Place a container(s) under the spout(s) to capture run-off from the Jura Machine. If you have a model that makes cappuccinos or lattes, you will need two containers for each spout.
  3. Dilute 3 de-scaling tablets in about 2 cups of warm water. The amount of water and tablets will be the same for all models. 
  4. Remove the filter if your model has one.
  5. If you do have a Jura with a water filter, you must first navigate to “Maintenance” in the menu and confirm that the filter has been removed before the “De-Scale” option will appear under the”Maintenance” section.
  6. Select the “De-Scale” mode.
  7. Remove and empty the coffee grounds tray.
  8. Add the solution to the water tank. If you already have water in the tank, remove it first as the machine uses a precise amount of liquid to run the cycle and the excess water will make the cycle run longer. 
  9. Confirm and leave the machine to de-scale for approximately 45 minutes.

And that’s it! The machine will occasionally beep and prompt you to perform different tasks over the 45 minutes but other than that it’s pretty hands off. We have also included a video from Jura below if you are more a visual learner.