DIY Kitchen Ideas

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or just a hobbyist, kitchen remodeling projects are a great way to put those skills to use. There are a variety of kitchen surfaces that can be improved or updated, and having the means to do it on your own can provide you with inexpensive options that allow creativity to flow freely. We’ll take you through some of our favorite ideas for kitchen projects and cover a variety of features in the process.

Projects for Your Kitchen Island

Whether you’re planning to update your kitchen island or install one from scratch, there are a ton of design plans that offer unique perspectives and are sure to make the island not just a center point of your kitchen but of discussions as well.

Farmhouse Island

We use the term “update” loosely in some cases because the farmhouse look is an aesthetic throwback to the yesteryear. Nevertheless, it can be a great addition to both older and newer kitchens alike.

Many fans of the farmhouse design cite space as a primary reason for choosing it. The features of the farmhouse island promote the idea of wider, more open spaces. This is helped by this island type typically having several long drawers and wide doors for extra storage. Although there are many plans available online for tweaking, most do-it-yourselfers seem to prefer an artificially distressed look to go with the aesthetic of an old, well-preserved rustic house.

The “Old Paint” Island

Another classic, this design gets its name from the similarities to painters’ worktables that you’d often find in old shops. Plans for this are typically smaller than for the farmhouse model above, but they often share a rustic, old-style sensibility as well as space-saving options. Users often like to add a few long drawers where they can, but the great advantage of the painter design is that it has great open space underneath the tabletop for storing various clutter and taller items.

Projects for Your Cabinets

Restored Barn-Wood Cabinetry

As the name implies, this DIY project is a perfect match for the farmhouse island above. Using reclaimed or restored wood–often called “up-cycled” wood after you’ve worked on it–in your home improvement projects has become very popular in recent years. Barn wood for your cabinets or even just cabinet doors is not only long-lasting and great-looking, it can often be a real bargain. Older wood that is no longer useful for a barn is often cast-off, and despite being sought after can often be had for next to nothing. Thus, in many cases aside from tools and a few other hardware supply costs, you can craft this design almost for free.

Pallet Cabinets

Another favorite of ours thanks to its inexpensive cost, cabinets constructed from wooden pallets provide some attractive options. These cabinets are also quite versatile, as they allow you to customize the look and texture of the wood with a variety of staining, smoothing or distressing options to enhance their uniqueness. As with most things wood, the pallet cabinets favor the rustic aesthetic too. They’re also economical, as you can buy in bulk and use them to craft many other woodworking projects for the home.

Getting Started With DIY Projects

For those who are new to the woodworking craft, it’s a good idea to remember some of our helpful tips. These will help you get started quicker, and possibly avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes during and after the building process.

Ask Questions

Thanks to the internet, even if you don’t have any woodworkers nearby in your community, you can still find the answers that you need. Various forums dedicated to the do-it-yourself lifestyle are full of knowledgeable people ready and willing to help. Woodworkers often say “measure twice, cut once,” and asking the right question will help you to measure what you need to do and avoid having to redo the work.

Invest in the Proper Tools

Most of the costs that are associated with remodeling projects come from the labor. Since we’re saving all of that money by doing this ourselves, we always recommend redirecting some of that cost into getting the right tools for the job, at a quality that will perform well and last a long time. Note that while you could use power tools, all of the projects we’ve listed here can be made using only manual tools. They require some time and practice to use correctly, but you can make all of your woodworking projects with a few tools. For beginners, we recommend:

These will give you a lot of basic options for woodworking projects, and you can expand as you learn. A workbench is recommended, but with these tools, you can build that on your own too!

Have a Plan

Writing or sketching out a rough plan for what you want is standard for many jobs. These designs are no different and deciding beforehand what you want will help you jumpstart the beginning of your project and avoid unpleasant surprises.

We’re overjoyed to bring you some of the best ideas in kitchen projects available today and some of our favorite tips on how to execute these ideas. Any woodworking project will benefit from the proper knowledge, tools, and planning. There are a plethora of wood options out there for your kitchen remodel, and we encourage everyone to try something different.

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