oxo immersion blenderWe really like this innovative new blender from OXO. It is yet another example of the unique and well thought out hand-held kitchen products and appliances from OXO. The OXO On Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender, while meeting most any professional’s standards, is intuitively constructed with the home chef in mind. Unlike other companies that manufacture a tool and say here it is, you work your way around the obstacles, OXO says let us work that out for you.

Do you like to work with expensive non-stick cookware? Here is a solution for you. Need light? We got that. OXO hand blender has a head lamp that will come on in soft glow when you plug it in for your safety, so that you know it’s on, then while your blending it automatically brightens the beam so that you can see what you and/or more specifically your delicate product is doing. The OXO Digital Immersion Blender stands in the gap where other emersion blenders lack, filling in the practical needs of creative chefs so they can set their imaginations free to roam! Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

In a favorite story about Einstein, he has a closet full of several pairs of the exact same suit, tie, shirt, slakes, socks and shoes. He did this by design so that he never had to decide what to wear. He reasoned that by eliminating this decision-making process, and any other daily decisions, he would have more time, and energy to think about the things that really mattered. The point is with less worry and fuss, and fewer decisions to make you will have more time and energy for creative thinking in the kitchen! Now you won’t have to fuss over which pot to use for your puréed soup; just grab your favorite nonstick soup pot and go! Do you think Einstein would agree with that?

The Blender’s Design and Construction

oxo blender headThe makers of the oxo immersion blender are aware of the fact that most home chefs are working with nonstick cookware, because it is so convenient and easy to clean. With this same awareness, and with foresight not often seen in the industry, the oxo immersion blender is equipped with a nylon blender head to shield the walls of your expensive nonstick pots and pans from damaging scratches, because as every good cook knows you should never put anything metal in your nonstick chef ware. As an added precaution, the sturdy steel shaft is covered with a silicone sleeve for gentile tapping on the sides of pans and glass bowls to clear off excess puree from the instrument.

The Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender is an appliance designed with six speeds on a sleek smooth dial control at the top of the burr stick, located just above the handle. Why six speeds? Start your action slow in order to prevent splattering. Increase your speed gradually to delicately blend emulsifications or crank it up for a fine creamy smooth puree. It is easy to monitor your speed using the backlit LED indicator at the top the OXO On Blender. There is also a wide power button on the soft comfortable non-slip handle. For safety, the powerful blender blades are wisely made to stop when you release the button.

Storage is made easier by design as well. The electric power cord is equipped with a convenient clip right on the plug so that it can easily wind around the handle for clean neat storage and will fit in any tight space in your kitchen, helping you to keep your kitchen neat and clutter free.

blender fullThe OXO hand held Illuminating blender also comes with a blending beaker thoughtfully marked for your convenience by the half cup, measuring up to three cups on one side, and on the other it side measures metric milliliters by the 100s up to the 700 mark. The blending beaker also comes with a tight-fitting silicone lid to keep your creations fresh. This measuring beaker is designed with a pour spout so that a chef may neatly pour out his creative smoothie into a tall drinking glass or a delicious fresh emulsion sauce onto a gourmet plate.


It doesn’t matter whether you are making delicate light and fluffy whipped cream for desert, a delicious and nutritious powerful vegetarian smoothly, or blending a fantastic fine spreadable humus, or any other concoction you can dream up. The oxo immersion blender performs like no other. This little blender is ready to help you do the job in a neat, clean, and easy way. It purees smoothly, while blending, and emulsifying tightly. The OXO On Illumination Blender will make you look like a pro, easy to hold in your hand and it is fun to use. The nylon head and silicon coated shaft protects the finish of your fine non-stick equipment and is easy to clean. A brilliant head light and illuminated speed control allows you to create anywhere, even in the soft glow of candle light.

The Blender’s Unique Features

oxo blender and measuring cupWe are convinced that this hand blender has to be one of the most unique and practical kitchen appliances out there while packing a huge punch when it comes to blending. A vinyl head and silicone shaft protect your favorite cook ware and a light to Illuminate your creative process makes this kitchen gadget no ordinary immersion blender. We believe that there is nothing else like it anywhere and that it stands out above the rest.


The price tag on this hot appliance is the only thing falling in the middle of the pack. More importantly, with less worry and fuss, and fewer decisions to make you will have more time to use your imagination. The best part is that OXO Illuminating Emulsification Blender performs well in any situation producing smooth purees, blends, and emulsifications. That is what we want, isn’t it!

Remy Bernard

Owner and Editor at Miss Mamie's Cupcakes
A baker, chef and writer, Remy started missmamiescupakes.com as a way to deepen and spread her passion for making delicious food.