oxo partsWe don’t know about you folks but we love coffee; that’s why when we got the opportunity review this OXO Pour Over review we jumped at the chance! If you are familiar with other OXO products, you know that you can expect quality and ingenuity and for you savvy home shoppers, the OXO pour over brewer makes an elegant and economic buy. Priced midrange for the field, it is a little pricier than your standard plastic pour over type coffee makers. We find however it offers more in practical utility and performance by design.

Also, the Good Grips price tag is roughly half of what you might pay for a coffee pour over made by other companies from ceramics, stainless steel, or other materials. Because of its light weight yet durable design, the OXO Good Grips Pour Over is ideal for the traveling coffee aficionado who loves to brew on the go. It even packs well with your camping equipment. When you take all these factors into consideration, the OXO Pour Over offers the most bang for your buck!


oxo with coffeeWhat we like about The OXO Good Grips Pour-Over is that it features a simple yet thoughtful design and a sleek look. Whether you are looking for the perfect cup of coffee to go with that long-awaited dessert, or need a hot cup of java to get your caffeine on and punch through the finishing hours of your work day, the OXO Pour Over is an elegant solution. The OXO’s perfect design with strategically placed drip holes administers hot water like a gentle rain over the grounds for premium extraction, ensuring your coffee will be the best it can be.

The pour over coffee brewing process has never been made easier. The dripper cone’s thoughtful design fits securely over most coffee mugs. All you need is a standard #2 cone filter, the pour over, your favorite scoop of coffee, and 6-12 ounces of hot water and a kettle for a great cup of joe! Let the auto tank do the hard stuff!

The markings on the side allow you to measure exactly the amount of water right for you and your custom cup of java! The OXO Good Grips brewer controls the water flow with an eight-hole pattern and dripper walls that are ribbed to enhance liquid movement and disburses water to the grounds which regulates saturation for exactly the right brew time for a perfectly balanced abstraction of java goodness. A tight-fitting lid neatly retains heat while you relax, and doubles as a drip tray when you are ready for your perfect cup of coffee. Oxo Good Grips Pour Over design helps you work clean, efficiently and effectively.


oxo close upDuring our review, the OXO Pour Over gives us a stimulating, and complex cup of fresh coffee every time. Our favorite part? It is quick and easy to use. The major advantage over other pour over type coffee makers or even the common plunger type single cup coffee maker, is that no lost grounds should ever make it into your cup, while at the same time offering nearly hands free premium saturation and extraction of joe for a great cup of coffee!

Why listen to us, ask yourself… what does it take to brew a truly great cup of coffee? The simple answer is fresh gourmet grounds, hot water and a good filter. The truth is… you must be a little more precise. The water must be at the right temperature, an even saturation of the grounds is required, and the correct brewing time are all essential to really making a great cup of coffee. If any of these factors are not right your cup of joe will be bitter and out of balance. However, when these factors come together the result is one sexy cup of joe!

Why is the OXO Good Grips Pour Over Coffee Maker easy to use? For starters, there is the durable plastic water tank, simply pour boiling water straight from your screaming kettle into the reservoir to the mark of the desired amount. Relax as the Good Grips gently rains water over your fresh bed of coffee grounds in the dripper chamber and blankets them with exactly the right rate of flow, which is controlled by precisely measured and spaced drip holes in the bottom of the tank. Breathe easy while the ribbed dripper walls optimize the flow of hot delicious mountain java into you’re your favorite mug.

Finally, the easy clean-up after the brew. Pull off the lid of the tank and set the whole unit down onto that lid which is now your drip tray, no messy counters to clean. Then the OXO single cup pour over brakes down to three easy pieces. Just rinse and put it in the dish washer. It practically cleans itself! Enjoy your rich empowering cup of coffee; you deserve it!

What Makes This Pour Over Coffee Maker Unique?

Our OXO Pour Over review went over some key points. This product features thoughtful design, flawless performance, and unique features. We just can’t say enough about this elegant yet practical java gadget! The OXO Good Grips Pour Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank provides a quick satisfying java experience and brewing a snap! We hope that you will add it to your bag of tricks and that your next cup of coffee is your best cup of coffee!

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