7500 modelFor a lot of people, buying a Viatmix blender can be a confusion experience. While they are great and we love them, consumers often come up against a wall when trying to decipher all the model numbers, different makes, and the differences between them. In our review guide, we not only make sense of all of the options, we also break down and review our top choices so you don’t have to.

And rest assured, these Vitamix’s do more than just make milkshakes. They can chop, making meal prep go by quicker, make smoothies, soups and much more. Buying a Vitamix has the potential to be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not only will it make your life easier, it will help you feel better by making sure you get adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Before we cover what you need to be looking for, in general, when buying a blender, lets take a look at the most popular models and why they stand out from the pack.

ModelWeightWarrantyOur RatingPrice
Vitamix 520015 lbs.7 Years
Vitamix 530011.9 lbs5 Years
Vitamix 75018.3 lbs.7 Year
Vitamix A250011 lbs.10 Years
Vitamix 750013 lbs.7 Years

Vitamix 5200

image of vitamix 5200The Vitamix 5200’s 64 ounce container makes it great for blending medium to large size batches of whatever it is that you need your blender for. The 5200 has a useful dial so that you can easily adjust the speed at anytime during the blending process, it is so incredible that the Vitamix 5200 lets you have complete control. This model has 2 horsepower of speed. With speeds like that it’s great to have control over the texture of what you’re making.

The Vitamix 5200 has the power to pulverize everything you put in it, even the smallest seeds. It has super sharp precision blades which helps it do so. These blades also reach intense high-speeds that use friction to heat up whatever your blending in about five to six minutes. That feature makes the Vitamix 5200 amazing for making soups. You just add all your ingredients and spices, turn it on high and viola, you have delicious hot soup. Straight from your blender.

If you are concerned about other things you might want to make getting too hot don’t worry, by using a lower setting and by adding ice you can keep your mixture cool. A neat tip is when you are making smoothies you should use frozen fruit. It keeps your smoothie cold and there is no need to worry about whether or not the fruit you want is in season. Speaking of smoothies, the Vitamix 5200 is amazing at making smoothies but not very useful for juicing. Smoothies still give you your vitamins and minerals so I’m not too fussed about that.

blender with bookAlong with making soups and smoothies the Vitamix 5200 also makes hummus, nut butters and fine grain-based flours. The plastic container is BPA free and easy to clean. While the Vitamix 5200 is not dishwasher-safe, to clean it all you have to do is add water and a little bit of soap and turn it on high for a few seconds. Then all you have to do is dump the water, dry it and put it away. It’s important that you dry it as soon as possible because it can get foggy if you left to air dry.

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a 7 year warranty so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking for a few years. The blender is extremely durable and it’s unlikely that anything important will break but I should note that the rubber ring beneath it can get warn down. If that happens and you run the blender too long it gives off a horrible burning smell. The smell doesn’t contaminate the taste of your food at all and it’s a simple fix. You just need to order a new rubber ring and replace it, keep in mind the rubber ring wearing down is a very rare thing to happen.

Warranty: 7 year warranty
Dimensions: 13 inches x 17 inches x 13 inches
Weight: 15 pounds


  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s BPA free
  • It has sharp blades
  • It gives you speed control
  • It comes with a tamper
  • It can make flour


  • It gives off a burning smell if the rubber ring wears out

Vitamix 5300

image of Vitamix 5300The Vitamix 5300 is very easy to use and has a pulse to feature to go along with it’s variable speed control. Like the Vitamix 5200, the Vitamix 5300 has a 64 ounce container that is BPA free. The Vitamix 5300 container is shorter and wider though which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space under your counters but not so great if you only want to make small portions. Since the container is wider at the base it takes more than two cups to really pulverize your ingredients. The wider base also makes it harder to make really good, thick smoothies. Also, if you use frozen fruits to make smoothies with the Vitamix 5300 make sure to add some sort of liquid before blending, it helps everything go on much easier.

The Vitamix 5300 has a spill-proof lid which makes it possible for you to just turn it on and walk away. I find that to be super convenient. This model also makes nut butters and hummus as long as it’s a good-size amount. Just like the Vitamix before it, the Vitamix 5300 is not self cleaning but cleaning is amazingly easy. Just follow the instructions described above.

The Vitamix 5300 is slightly faster than the Vitamix 5200 with an impressive 2.2 horsepower speed. It’s incredible that household, personal model can get that fast and at that speed almost everything you can throw in it can be pulverized.

Warranty: 5 year warranty
Dimensions: 17.2 inches x 7.2 inches x 8.8 inches
Weight: 11.9 pounds


  • It has a spill-proof lid
  • It’s BPA free
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It comes with tamper
  • It gives you speed control
  • It’s container is shorter


  • It only works with large portions
  • You need to add water to blend frozen fruit

Vitamix 750

image of Vitamix 750The Vitamix 750 was released fairly recently in 2016. It’s blades are stainless steel and the 64 ounce container is BPA free. The Vitamix 750 comes with five pre-programmed settings: Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Deserts, Purées and Cleaning. Yes, cleaning. The Vitamix 750 is the only one in our guide that has a self-cleaning feature. The feature is a lot like how you would clean the other Vitamix units on this review but the feature replicates a scrubbing motion for hard to clean stuck on messes.

The other settings pretty much explain themselves, you just turn the knob to the setting you want and let your Vitamix 750 blend. It’s a relief not to have to worry if you are blending too fast or too slow for the consistency you want. The Vitamix 750 is also the quietest model on our list, it’s on average 40% quieter than other Vitamix models. That quietness does not effect the speed of this model which clocks in at 2.2 horsepower. That’s the same as the Vitamix 5300 but almost half as quiet.

The Vitamix 750 is the heaviest and the shortest model on our Vitamix blender review. This makes it less likely to spill or tip over, also once you find a place for this amazing Vitamix, you won’t have to move it often. This model is especially great for those you are looking for powerful, high-performance blender but are lacking in either counter space or kitchen space in general.

Warranty: 7 year warranty
Dimensions: 9.4 inches x 7.7 inches x 17.4 inches
Weight: 18.3 pounds


  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Quiet
  • It’s BPA free
  • It’s self-cleaning
  • It has sharp blades
  • It comes with a tamper
  • It’s the shortest in this review


  • It doesn’t give you speed control

Vitamix A2500

image of Vitamix A2500The Vitamix A2500’s 64 ounce BPA free container is great for making soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts. This blender has a timer so you can set it and walk away without having to worry about turning it back off or about your mixture getting over-blended. Seeing as the Vitamix A2500 has the power to reach 2.2 horsepower, the fact that you can just walk away becomes even more impressive.

The new, sleek design of this model makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen. The smaller lid to go with this design gives a tighter seal. The Vitamix A2500 has multiple controls so you can play with different speeds to see which ones you like best. The dial and handle are made out of thick, easy to clean plastic. It’s not just the outside of the Vitamix 2500 that’s easy to clean, the inside is as easy as the other Vitamix blenders on this review.

At 11 pounds the Vitamix A2500 is the lightest model in our Vitamix blender reviews. That lightness helps the model because it is also one of the tallest on the market. The height makes it hard to find a counter with enough space for the Vitamix A2500 to fit without looking awkward. Since this model is so light, it’s easy to move if you need better access. If you are lucky enough to have enough space for thismodel, than I suggest getting it, it’s wonderful.

Warranty: 10 year warranty
Dimensions: 20.5 inches x 7.2 inches x 8.8 inches
Weight: 11 pounds


  • It has a tight seal
  • It’s very light
  • It has multiple controls
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a timer
  • It’s BPA free
  • It has a tamper
  • You can turn it on and walk away


  • Most of it’s parts are made of plastic
  • It’s too tall for a lot of kitchens

Vitamix 7500

Image of Vitamix 7500The Vitamix 7500 let’s you blend with complete ease. This blender’s pulse option makes it easy to chop vegetables for soups and chunky salsa. The Vitamix 7500 has a ten-speed dial so you can adjust it to the consistency and speed you want for your blending needs. This Vitamix blender is definitely a versatile kitchen tool.

The Vitamix 7500 can make but butters and, if you buy the right attachment, it even makes nut milk. This blender makes a delicious hummus from canned or fresh chickpeas, hearty and healthy vegetable soups, smoothies. Pretty much anything you can imagine being blended, the Vitamix 7500 can blend it. This model is extremely loud but most blenders are so I wouldn’t let that deter you from making an excellent purchase.

Like other blenders in our guide, the Vitamix 7500 can reach 2.2 horsepower. Since this model has such a varied speed it can go from quickly puréeing meat to chopping vegetables for a chunky soup. It’s that kind of versatilely that makes the Vitamix 7500 an incredible investment.

Warranty: 7 year warranty
Dimensions: 17.5 inches x 7.7 inches x 9.4 inches
Weight: 13 pounds


  • It has a pulse option
  • It has variable speeds
  • It’s versatile
  • It can chop vegetables
  • It’s BPA free
  • It comes with a tamper


  • It can be extremely loud

Common Questions about the Vitamix

There is no doubt that these blenders are incredibly popular, and we get a ton of questions about them all the time. However, there are a handful that we hear a lot, so we though tit would be usueful to address them in this buying guide.

Should I Buy a Commercial Vitamix blender?

commercial blenderWell, the short answer is no, and the long answer is no.

Unfortunately, history shows that the kitchen appliance industry has made it so that the home user will never achieve the same commercial quality in cooking results as you’ll find in some of your finest restaurants. Now Vitamix has changed all of that, at least for home blenders. The Vitamix home models achieve 100% the same blending quality as the commercial models, and they share the same commercial grade motor and build quality. Do not spend your money on a Vitamix commercial blenders. First of all, the warranties are completely different. The commercial model has a one year service and three year parts warranty. The home models have a full seven year parts and service warranty, and they pay for shipping back and forth, as well as covering the blender container. So once again, if you’re going to use it in your home, do not buy a Vitamix commercial model.

What are the Differences Between all those Vitamix Models on the Website?

Difference-In-Vitamix-ModelsWhile it may seem overwhelming, if you really look closely, you’ll see five different models on their website which break down like this.

The Pro 750 and the 7500, they’re of the newer generation of Vitamix with the lower profile container. They’re really the same machine. The Pro 750 has the presets, and the Pro 500 and the 5200 are really the same machine. The Pro 500 has the presets. The Turbo Blend Two Speed is the same machine as the 5200, it just does not have the variable speed control. It just has two speeds.

Now the rest of the models on the website are just separated by the recipe book that they come with. So for example, if you’re a vegan you can just choose a Vitamix that comes with a vegan recipe book. Now if you prefer to have a different model, you can still buy that recipe book separately. There’s not much difference there you guys. Just a few models separated by their recipe book.

Does Blending Horsepower Matter?

So if you guys haven’t had a chance to take a look at my Ninja versus Vitamix post, please check it out. It basically explains that horsepower alone does not equate to performance. Now the Ninja and the Vitamix both have two horsepower motors, but there was no contest between the two of them. There is so many factors to take into account such as the design of the blade, blade speed, the design of the motor, the efficiency of the motor and how it handles the load of ingredients inside the blending container, the design of the blending container is also something to take into account.

So, for example Vitamix has three horsepower models in their commercial line, but guess what, the extra horsepower is only used to drive the fan to keep the machine cooler because in a commercial environment the machine is running consistently and they wanted to make sure it doesn’t overheat. But, it doe not give you better performance than the home machine with a two horsepower motor. So, what’s important to do is not rely directly on marketing from a company. That extra marketing, those buzz words they use, are designed for them to outsell the competition, but it doesn’t mean the machine is better.

Is the Dry Blade Container Really Necessary?

When you buy a brand new Vitamix it comes complete with the wet blade container designed for blending delicious drinks, as well as other wet ingredients. Now it also does very well grinding dry ingredients such as whole wheat berries, popcorn, peppercorns, whole nutmeg and the like. Now here’s the thing, the wet brand container is designed to pull the ingredients downward towards the blades by way of a vortex. This holds true for the Blendtec as well as any other power blender on the market. The dry blade container is designed to push the ingredients upwards away from the blades making sure everything gets perfectly ground.

Since many dry ingredients have a lot of oil in them, if you’re using a wet brand container, it’s going to pull the ingredients downwards, but the oils may cause the ingredients to stick underneath the blades, not everything gets perfectly ground. Lastly, grinding hard ingredients may cause scratches inside of your container. It is nothing but purely cosmetic, but it will produce a cloudy appearance over time. If you’re an active baker, it’s a very good idea to have at least two containers. One for grinding the dry ingredients, one for blending the wet ingredients. That will make everything much easier over all.

So Why Does Vitamix use a Plunger When Their Competitor Does Not?

Well if you guys are not familiar with this awesome, awesome tool that resembles a mini bat, it’s called the tamper accelerator tool, and in my opinion the greatest thing that could ever happen to any power blender on the market. There are times you’re going to run into very thick ingredients such as making peanut butter, or hummus, or frozen desserts that just will not make it down towards the blades. Well the tamper is designed to push everything down towards the blades. Also, sometimes there are air pockets that are created that are preventing the ingredients from making it down towards the blades, and the tamper just gets rid of those air pockets and everything is working perfectly.

Isn’t a Vitamix Just a Glorified Blender?

The first time I saw a Vitamix, I was channel surfing and I saw it on QVC, and there was some outrageously expensive kitchen appliance. I mean I’d never even heard of the brand before. So all I could do was stay fixated on their price. What does it do? When I saw some of the great things they were making I realized okay, my $50 blender may not be able to do that, but still I did a little more homework. I also went to a live Vitamix show, and I saw how great this machine truly was. So all I can tell you is it is as good, if not way better, than what people are saying. To experience a Vitamix is to own one.

Why Does Vitamix use a Plastic Container Instead of a Glass Container?

model comparison The Vitamix container is made of a BPA free copolyester. When you’re blending hard ingredients such as ice, or even dry ingredients, they can create a lot of pressure form all that power and all that speed from the blades inside of a Vitamix. That could actually shatter a glass jar. Not to mention a glass jar is already very heavy before you put ingredients inside of it. So, right now they haven’t perfected that, but I’m not sure I would be okay personally purchasing an extra jar that’s made of glass just knowing the weight. It’s not very different. Personally for me I have dexterity issues as well. So yes, right now I’ve been dealing with the plastic jar, but I think it’s actually the best thing to do. Actually, you know what, that’s not my opinion you guys. These are actually information that come directly from Vitamix.

Now that you understand the answers to the most common questions, lets take a look at the things you want to be aware of when looking at any blender, especially the Vitamix.

What to Look for in a Blender

When there’s so many different models and brands, each with their own specifications, on the market it’s hard to figure out what’s important and what’s just an extra feature you’ll never use. It’s possible that once you get a Vitamix blender and start using it everyday, you’ll want to learn every feature and use them just as much. Blending is a lot of fun, it adds new ways to be creative with your cooking, it’s hard not to want all the bells and whistles and whistles that have bells. To help you make sense of this wonderful world of blending, below are the top things you need in a blender.

1. Sharp Blades

blender bladesA blender is only as good as it’s blades. It doesn’t matter how much power  you have or how fast it can go if the blades are not cut right or if they are dull. You want your blades to be able to pulverize anything you put in it, even tiny, little seeds. Invest in a model with good quality, sharp blades and you won’t be disappointed.

2. High Speed

The faster your model can go, the better. A blender that has high speed can blend quickly, efficiently and make your mixture as smooth as you need it. It’s also important that you have speed control over your blender so that you can keep from making everything into a puree. You need to have the right combination of high speed and adjustable low speeds. It can’t be too slow and it can’t be too fast. Blenders that let you manually adjust the speed are a life, whoops I mean, meal, savers.

3. Counter Space

Just like with most appliances you buy counter space plays a huge factor into it. In my personal experience, I am more likely to use something more often if it’s on the counter ready for me use. The whole idea and process of having to drag out my blender or appliance makes me want to use it less. Having a blender that fits on my counter, comfortably and in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing causes me to use my blender more often and I’m sure it will work the same way with you.

You want to find a model with dimensions that will fit both your blending needs and the available space you have in your kitchen. By buying a blender that fits both of those you will be doing your future self a huge favor.

4. A Tamper

tamperThis small tool is often overlooked and extremely useful. Blenders that come with a tamper make blending easier and safer, instead of using a spatula or your fingers to remove a blockage from the blades, you can use the tamper. The tamper will also help break up chunks of food to help the blades cut through with ease.

Tampers are round and like to roll around your counter and are easy to lose if you don’t keep them in a safe place. I suggest keeping your tamper between your blender and wall. A tamper is only useful if you can use it and to do that you need to know where your tamper is.

5. Easy to Clean

It’s important that the blender you buy is easy to clean. I’m proud to say that each of the Vitamix blenders we reviewed are easy to clean. Some are easier to clean than others but each one on this list takes no longer than a few minutes to wash, rinse and dry.

Most blenders are not dishwasher safe, the containers tend to crack under the high pressure of the dishwasher. That does not mean that they have to pain to clean, all of the Vitamix blenders are a snap to clean.

Now that you know what you need to look for, read through our Vitamix blender reviews and decide which one will be perfect for you. One of the main reasons people decide to go with a Vitamix blender isn’t because it’s one of the greatest blender manufacturers out there but because they are made in the United States of America. Assembled and packaged in Cleveland, Ohio in the state where the company started almost 100 years ago in 1921.

The founder of Vitamix named his company that because “vita” means “life”. For the past 96 years Vitamix has been committed to helping improve the world’s life and the world’s health. Vitamix will continue to do so for probably at least another 96 years because, as you will see after buying your Vitamix blender, Vitamix blenders work and they are one of the best blenders on the market.


logoBuying a blender is a big investment, you want to look over this review a few more times to make sure you are picking the best one for you. Remember to keep in mind everything you want from a blender and that you will probably end up using your Vitamix blender for more than you thought you would. Vitamix is one of the greatest manufacturers in the world, when you buy through them you know you are getting a quality product.

Not all blenders are created equal. Yes, a lot of the models in our Vitamix blender reviews were similar they all have differences that will change how well your Vitamix blender works for you. All of the blenders are high-speed, easy to clean, have sharp blades and come with a tamper. Some of the Vitamix blenders are larger than others so you’ll have to measure and find out how much counter space you have to spare for your blender. These Vitamix benders also make it easy to start eating more healthy and even more vegan foods. They all have the ability to make delicious nut butters and some have attachment bags you can buy to turn that vegan nut butter into amazing, home made nut milk. That’s just the beginning of why you want to find a Vitamix blender to fit on your counter.

The main reason you definitely want a blender that will be able to fit on your counter day in and day out. Even if you think you won’t be using your blender that often you will soon find that you will want to use it as much as you can for everything that you can. You’ll go a step above and beyond making smoothies and milkshakes and soon you’ll find yourself researching different nut butter recipes. You’ll be going through every recipe you have ever come across for puréed soup and sticking them to your fridge so you can try them. You will wonder how you ever got by in life without your Vitamix blender and you will never want to go back.

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